Sunday, 6 June 2010


hey guys!
Well this morning unexpectedly i got an e-mail from google blogger, saying that my old blog, was back up agan!
This made happy/mad.
happy because, well i got my blog back, with all of my past blogspots.
Mad because i now have two blogs.
I know you too are probably abbit mad, but in order to make the contest fair i will need to go back to my old blog to continue off with the contest since some people did not know about this one .I am not going to beg for you to go and do the same because i understand its kind of fustrating now. But if you would still like to be a part of the contest then please do. I'm probably asking for abbit too much.
The entries that are going to come in from now, i will not see on this blog.
So please go and retenter on this blog:
i understand if you don't want to do so sorry :/
I'm so sorry on behalf of me and blogger.



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